17th Fantagiro – Stage 10

Flat stage and when we say flat it means that the highest mountain was the highway bridge.

Stage results

Inevitable sprint in Modena

  1. Arnaud DÉMARE
  2. Elia VIVIANI
  3. Rudiger SELIG

Stage Comments

An absolutely boring flat stage.

Thanks to Luca GAVILLI and Sho HATSUYAMA for a long breakaway today. Mr HATSUYAMA is the black jersey of the giro.

On the last Km a fall in the sprinters bunch pulled down Ackermann, Mareczko, Ventoso and Moschetti

Ouch, that hurts...
Ouch, That Hurts…

Stage Results

Some people trusted Démare and some trusted Nizzolo, those who trusted both took the stage victory today:

  • Claudio Mandressi’s Pedalemolle team, who is slowly extending his solitary lead
  • Jarno Vandeput‘s Molteni who is proudly second

and a set of veterans:

  • Marco Facciano‘s Parigi Roubaix is not Flat – Founder of the game and author of the posts
  • Rene Van Noort‘s 4 Oktober 1929 – Evergreen, present since the first edition, never skipped one giro, 17th Giro for him – 1 more and you will reach Vladimiro Panizza
  • Claudio Ceni‘s ComeCenno – always present since 2005, at his 15th Giro, i remember looking at giro stages with him and a couple of beers.

This bring the number of people who won a stage this year to 15 (and we only had 10 stages so far….

Check your results:

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