18th Fantagiro – Stage 19 – the revolution will not be televised

The longest stage of the Giro (258 km) has become one of the shortest (just 120′ km)

The stage

The riders got on strike for a stage that was too long and in the middle of two tought mountain stages…. they knew it from november last year, but decided to protest only 5 mintue before the stage started

Most of the stage was run by bus and the last 120 km showed small action with a group of riders taking the escape to the end

Winner was Josef CERNY, second was Victor CAMPENAERTS and Third Jacopo MOSCA


Fantasy Giro

On monday you should go to your boss and say: i had a hard day yesterday and probably a hard day tomorrow, can I work only half a day today?

If i were your boss, i would say yes…. but only if you show you results of the Fantasy Giro as a proof.

We have a poker of winners today:

  • Daniele Pontiggia’s MANZOTeam – Daniele won a giro in 2015 and takes’ hi stage also in 2020
  • Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team, At his third partecipation he is distancing his father Antonio Salmoiraghi’s Spritz Team. I know you are an active cyclist. you can join the Tri-Gliceridi team and start a competition with our superstar SUPERGIOVANE (follow this blog for details)
  • Luca Henning’s El Pistolero – A rookie of the year, also know in our team as the Stagaire
  • Claudio Mandressi’s Pedalemolle Team – We all know how he presented his team…..

Everybody else scored 1 or 0 points


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