20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – Stage 7 – Results

Stage with 4500 D+ in Basilicata that will did not make the difference today, but probably will hurt on sunday

It’s a game for the dutch: 4 men in the leading group and stage victory by Koen BOUWMAN followed by Bauke MOLLEMA, davide FORMOLO with Tom DUMOULIN in fourth

DUMOULIN regained more that 2 minutes on what he lost on Etna, and the guy is dangerous


The stage

Rookie day: Alessia Poletti’s Senza Freni won the stage and gained several positions, now proudly sitting in 28th position. Your Sponsor Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team is only 53 points ahead of you….

A new contest just came up in my mind: Beat your sponsor… this is an interesting challenge for the rookies. Pantaleo, You have been warned.

The Mountains

Loads of points were awarded today and also here we have two rookies striking:

Luca Effigiati’s EFFI team wins stage and take the leadership in the mountains

Alberto Donvito’s Going Global scores same point as EFFI.

Beatrice Andreola MIGROS’s still at zero points

The Results

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