22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 15 results


no chance for anybody else.

The queen stage of the giro with 5 mountains and a half was featured by a breakaway of 50 riders, that were all caught back on the Foscagno Climb by an incredible POGACAR who attacked the group at 6 km from the second last mountain (Foscagno) and passed Nairo QUINTANA (second) on the last climb to Eira-Mottolino.

Everybody else at at least 3 minutes.

In Gc there are at least 6 mins on the second classified (Geraint THOMAS).

Is the game over?

The contest

Nairo Quintana in the breakaway and eventually second to the line.

This means that 11 teams could get some points back and they did…

The stage was won by Lorenzo Lampiano’s Freno pedalando in salita. Hold your breaks. Dear Gran Maestro, you need to decide if you want to pedal or break, you are alternating high scors and full zeros

Looking at these results i noticed that we do not have Antonio Fusi in the game… whoever knows him give him a shout


Rene van Noort’s Bitterballen! is holding the lead but just 20 pints behind there are 3 teams in 1 point


5 mountains and somebody scored 155 points (Lorenzo Lampiano’S Freno pedalando in salita and Antonio Salmoiraghi’s PEDALATA ASSISTITA)

Marco Facciano’s Pretty in Pink is holding the lead with just 5 points on second

The results

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