Giro D’Italia 2018 – Stage 02

Hello Again

Elia Viviani takes the Stage on Jackub Maresko. Third was Sam (not George) Bennett, Forth Bonifazio and fifth Modolo

We have 2 teams that have all 5 of the above and sum 87 points:

  • Annalies Crab – “The Pink Knight” (After the disappointment of stage 1, takes vistory in stage 2)
  • Stefano Mandressi – “MAS – Memento Audere Semper” also takes stage victory

In GEneral Classification Annalies takes the lead with 138 points and second is Claudio Ceni’s “Come C’enno” with 125

We also have 4 teams at 0 points today ( the giro is still long):

  1. Edward Caley’s “Chris Froome is Innocent”
  2. Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s “GS Stelvio team”
  3. Mario Bisicchia’s “Gazzo Riders”
  4. Lorenzo Lampiano’s “Se la pioggia fosse transitiva, io ti temporalo”

Strange is that 2 of these 4 were amongst  the “wrong” stage winners of Yesterday



First points assigned with Marco Pogliano’s “Segre Bike” winning stage and leading mountain classification by 1 point.

We can still challenge Marco….

giro 2018 classification AFTER STAGE 2


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