Giro D’Italia 2018 – Stage 12

Sam Bennett again on Danny Van Poppel and Niccolò Bonifazio


In Our Fantasy Giro

we have “THE” veteran Rene’ Van Noort’s “Saludos Torremolinos” finally winning his first stage in the Giro. Rene’ is known to be a long term bite dog who slowly climbs the GC for the final victory. Be careful up there

Atletico Lasonil Extending the lead


In the middle we have Marco Facciano’s “Legendary pink Cadillac” sneaking in the 10 points between Edward and Giacomo who score 0

Several teams scored 0 points today like:


  • Edward And Giacomo.. careful: Marco Facciano’s “Legendary pink Cadillac” is sneaking in the 10 points between the two almost twins
  • Marco Pogliano’s “segre bike” who disappearead after the inital mountain boost
  • Lorenzo Lampiano – I guess we will never know the name of his team and it is too long to write again
  • Eros Munras’s “Manubri Velocis team” – Apparently Eros is running under a fake name this year….
  • Loris Favarato’s “Fino Alla Fine” – Quite low in classification for a former cyclist
  • Mario Bisicchia’s “Gazzo Riders” – Mario is leading in the 0 point stages (already 4 times with 0 points)
  • Stefano Bernasconi’s “Drink Team” – You drunk too much today
  • Massimiliano Cividini’s “Coppa Cobram” – Black Jersey is yours


Thanks to Ulissi and Betancour, we have 5 teams taking the stage victory:

Unfortunately Ulissi does not be to be in the shape of last year and Betancour after a long breakaway was caught at 400 meters from arrival..

  • Luca Monducci’s “Caratelli”
  • Valentina Londero’s “Mozart”
  • Loris Favarato’s “Fino alla fine”
  • Marco Facciano’s “The Legendary Pink Cadillac”
  • Alessandro Mariani’s “VanPoppeDaPaura”


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  1. Alla tappa di Sernaglia della Battaglia c’ero anch’io…se guardate il processo alla tappa su Rai replay sono dietro alla De Martino quando intervista Elia Viviani 🙂

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