22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 9 results

Stage 9:

Sprint time in Naples:

Pogacar pulls the sprint for his sprinter teammate Molano, but Molano manages only to third with a stage won by Olav KOOIJ on Jonathan MILAN

Dear KOOIJ can i buy a consonant to read your name?

The contest

Stage 9:

An old well known fantasy giro player won the stage: Loris FAVARATO’s AMERICAN WHITE

Loris is insisting since several years that I put an entry fee for the fantasy giro. The only reason why i do not do it is that nobody has ever been able to pull any money out of Loris’s pocket, so it would cost me too much energy to chase him

General Classification

Another handover on top of the general classification. The new leader is Claudio Ceni’s COME CENNO

The giro this year is struggly to fin a dominant team. it always happens when there is a dominant rider like pogacar: all the teams show Pogacar and therefore it does not make a difference.

None of the first 5 team so far have won a stage yet. Interesting fight

A Milestone

Thanks to the services of Luke Lamperti that scores 1 point in stage 9, we have the first team to score at least 1 point with every rider: Supergiovane and his Ichnusa Virus… that’s a boy

The results

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