22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 20 results

Pogacar… and that’s 6 stages this year. Another 2 minutes to everybody else

Dominating the giro since the beginning, with one single error on stage 1 (he was only third)

The contest

Now we know, that everybody has Pogacar, so we play the game on third or fourth classified on each stage.

Winner is Edward Caley’s Slow Puncture (and that’s 4 this year). Edward everyyear scores a multiple stage win and this year he is there again.


With one stage to go + bonus stage Rene Van Noort is leading with 7 points… will he make it?


Davide Benetello’s Gamba-Pisotni takes an outstanding 121 points today but they are not enough to win the competition.

We are staring to build up the hall of fame 2024 with the founder’s name: Marco Facciano’s Pretty in Pink wins the mountain competition

The results

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