22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 14 results

The Italian team trial olympic team is ready for Paris:

Stage 13:

Jonathan MILAN is the king of the sprints with the third victory this year

Second was Stanislaw ANIOLKOWSKI and thirs Phil BAUHAUS

Stage 14:

An Emotional FIlippo GANNA wins the time trial on Tadej POGACAR and Thymen ARENSMAN

Jonathan MILAN sits aside Filippo GANNA while he is waiting for POGACAR to finisch the stage.

The contest

Stage 13:

Riccardo Belardi’s Giro Sartoli wins his second stage this year. Riccardo joined the giro in 2022 and is now starting to understand how to win at least some stages. Dear rookies, take note…. you have great chances for eternal glory

The GC has another flip with Rene van Noort’s Bitterballen! taking back the elad. will he be able to hold it?

Stage 14:

A Triplette of teams has won the stage today Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni, Andrea Munisso’s BUCANERO and Andrea Quadrelli’s NO CHANCE

Three decades represented here: Andrea Munisso (in the Fantagiro since 2003), Joeren Vandeput (2016) and Andrea Quadrelli (2022)


No mountains in both stage 13 and 14. But tomorrow there will be 5 mountains.., get ready to rock

The results

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