… The Group split for this week-end.

The motivation for the split was very high for the two who joined the CriSpinata race:

  • Bud: “a step towards the Grand Slam with a race over 10 KM… Going for the Gold Slam, since this is a trail race”
  • Teo: “I want to show the beauties of San Fermo to my friend from Ukraina” 

So we have the first post in english in honor of our international guest.

Teo and Elena were in for the 8Km but as soon as they saw Bud going straight for the 14Km, they immediately joined, raising the bar to a 14km, 700 meters race.

Bud sprinted out the first 100 meters and disappeared.

Captured two other athletes over 100s (kgs) along the way and once he gained 10 meters on one of the two, he never let him come back…

Teo raced hands in hands with Elena all the way through and came in together like two lovebirds.


  • Bud 4 for percours + 2 for the race
  • Teo 4 for percours + 1 for the race
  • Elena 0 points: we cannot give you any point until you are an official member of the team. A tough exam awaits you

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