17th Fantagiro – Stage 18

The last stage for sprinters

Stage Results

  1. Damiano CIMA
  2. Pascal ACKERMANN
  3. Simone CONSONNI

Stage Comments

It was supposed to be a stage for sprinters but in the end Damiano CIMA made his usual breakaway and this time he achieved his first career victory for just two meters ahead of the remounting bunch.

Ackermann took second and this was enough to take back the sprinters jersey from Dèmare

Nothing else happened.


We are happy to introduce to you a new stage winner for this year’s contest: Fiorenza SABATINI‘s Agnese 2009. another veteran who is always here. We assume Agnese to be your daughter who seems to be turning 10, you just made her a present for her 10th birthday (whenever it is)

Another team making it over 1000 is Davide GAURISCO‘s Masterchef United. Davide is quietly 4th this year with already two stage victories in the early weeks. You are close to the podium, give it a shot in the last 3 stages.

If you were wondering where Annalies CRAB was, she exchanged her horses and knights (previously her teams were knows as Yellow Knights, Gele Knights, Pink Knights….) to move to Chihuahuas in Pink Pyjamas. The change form horses to dogs did not payout this year.

Lorenzo LAMPIANO submitted a team with a different name and i messed it up with last year’s team making a new team name: Rolls Royce Ti Temporalo. No clue what it means but it sounds good. Your resutls are not so good by the way


The stage went to Andrea AGOSTINELLI‘s Galacticos with a solitary win. You can be proud of Micro Maestri in his usual breakaway with Damiano Cima. Continue cheering for him and maybe next time he can take the stage

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