17th Fantagiro – Stage 20

The last mountain stage with 5 mountains

Stage Results

  1. Pello BILBAO
  2. Mikel LANDA
  3. Giulio CICCONE

Stage Comments

Pello BILBAO wins stage after a long breakaway. He was reached by NIBALI, LANDA and CARAPAZ but was able to lead the uphill sprint.

CARAPAZ is closer and closer to his first giro

Slovenian “Push Up” and Colombian “Knock Down”

Fans were pretty busy on the road and they were involved in two incidents:

  • The Slovenian “push up”: Roglic was pushed by a fan for several meters and he got a 10 second penalty
  • The Colombian “Knock Down” – Lopez was pulled down by a fan who stumbled on another fan and then on Lopez. Lopez reacted with a couple of slaps at the guy and lost almost to minute in the race


Stage victory to Massimo ZANZO‘s Bloody Robbinsville. Already a winner earlier this week, Massimo confirms he can play the fantagiro game year over year

Claudio MANDRESSI‘s Pedalemolle team, extends his lead to 10 points. Will this be enough for the final stage + bonus? 1 more stage and we will know.

Alessio CIARDI‘s Atletico Lasonil and his twin team Massimiliano CIVIDINI‘s scappati di casa are chasing

Three more teams make the 1000 points mark:

  • Rene Van Noort‘s 4 oktober 1929 – always in the top 10, currently 6th
  • Riccardo LATINI‘s Cycling Newbie – Currently the best rookie, is now 7th
  • Daniele PONTIGGIA‘s Ciclisti Brutti – Daniele has won a giro back in 2015 but has just been overtaken by Riccardo

A couple of teams that have not been mentioned so far:

  • Andrea MUNISSO‘s Bucanero 2019 – Another veteran of the first edition, never missed a giro and often sends us pictures of stages he has seen – have you been at the start of yesterday’s stage in Treviso?
  • Stefano MANDRESSI‘s Cobra is not a snake – his brother is shinign at the top of the Giro, Stefano will have many opportunities on the road. Stefano is also the winner of another serious competition that our fans well know: The GRAND SLAM 2018
  • Luca GIANNELLA‘s dopoiltornantespiana – Known for his super powers, Luca completely forgot his team members five minutes after submitting and claimed that he had chosed riders from 1 to 10 on the first mountain stage. Obviously not true, but that’s another story
  • Matteo CANALI‘s Pizzoccheromania – Matteo is known for mixing pizzoccheri with Vodka and made up a team of russians for the giro. I believe he still lives in the era of Tonkov, Berzin and Ugrumov..


Rita VISONÀ‘s La bellezza salverà il mondo wins another mountain stage. but she is only second

Marco VIGANÒ‘s KOM team is leading the classification with no possibility to loose his title.

Third place still open and will be decided tomorrow between Andrea QUERCIOLI‘s Quercia is back and Alessandro ROGGIANI’s Team Roggia who is just 3 points down

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  1. Yes I have been at the start stage in Treviso ..and in the afternoon I have climbed the presa 10 until Santa Maria delle Vittorie… 🙂

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