19th Fantasy Giro D’italia – 2021 – Stage 6

The Stage

It’s raining again, while the stage goes from Grotte di Frasassi to Ascoli Piceno

A few more riders did not start following the crashes on yeasterday’s stage: In particular, Pavel SIVAKOV who was in several teams.

The stage did not finish in Ascoli Downtown but at the top of a mountain in ascoli.

A long breakawy and eventually the winner was Gino MADER, second Egan BERNAL and third Daniel MARTIN.

Come shocks in GC with Domenico Pozzovivo losing 20 minutes, George Bennet now 8 minutes form leaders, and Pello Bilbao Joao Almeida at more than 4 minutes, the rest are all within 2 minutes

The new Pink Jersey goes to Attila (A, doppia TT….) Valter

19th Fantasy Giro D’italia – 2021 – Stage 6

The Game

I remember once, several years ago that a friend of mine was getting married in Ascoli Piceno, and me and my wife decided to go the wedding by bike, from Treviso, some 500 kms north. we started to ride southwards but eventually never got there for a personal reason. I have a lack of memory but in planning it, i did not remember going up to 1000 meters. in fact, the race did not stop downtown but climbed up to San Giacomo… Why do all the saints live on top of a hill? for the Panorama?

Stage won by il pirata’s ULTIMI. The guy does not want to show his name but we all know who you are and probably you wrote some query to guess this stage results.

We have the first team to score at least one point with all 15 riders and this is Jeroen Vandeput’s MOLTENI. I dont think this has ever happened so early in the game. Congratutation to Jeroen. Jeroen currently sits in 10th position overall

In the Mountains, Il Pirata’s Ultimi wins in couple with Marco Algieri’s Sempre Mercatone Uno that consolidates his lead

The Results

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