20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – Stage 18 – Results

Treviso, where it all began…. back in 2003 we took an idea of one of our contenders (Rene Van Noort) who was running the Fantasy Tour… and created the Fantasy Giro d’Italia. 20 editions after we are still here with 59 teams (plus the monkey) running the Giro.

It was supposed to be a flat stage for sprinter but the escapees were able to make a successful break with Dries DE BONDT winning a four man sprint on Edordo AFFINI and Magnus CORT with Davide GABBURO on fourth

The group came in minutes later with no particular damage to GC

João ALMEIDA (4th overall) abandoned the race for Covid

The game

Loris Favarato’s Cavallo goloso takes the stage victory. In the race since more than 10 years, Loris last year was able to win his first giro. This year his riders were not so good

With the retirement of Yates yesterday and Almeida today, many teams are left with few riders .

Only one team has 15 riders left – Alessandro Mariani’s VanPoppeDaPaura while Beatrice Andreola’s Migros have 14….. Surprisingly they are fighting for the black jersey

The Mountains

In the mountains we have 3 winners, all three rookies:

The Monkey, Alberto Donvito’s Going Global and Marco Leoni’s Lions’ Wheels

The guys keep summing up points and challenging point schemes but finally they had their stage

The Monkey by the way has already won 3 mountains stages…. training to become a Gorilla

The Results

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