21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 10 – results

I am a little in delay with comments on the Giro, so here we go:


Magnus Cort Nielsen won the stage, now he is joingin the club of winners of stages on all 3 tours (106th rider)


Did you see that Jersey? Year over year EF Education show terrible cycling jerseys. They even call these special editions for the Giro…. but every year they place a couple of riders in breakaways and stage victories so that we are forced to look at them.


Davide BAIS won a stage on friday. His brother Mattia was on the attack on saturday and ended the stage 6th.


Remco Evenepoel won the TT stage on sunday…. and a few minutes later he abandoned for positive covid test. He was clearly out of shape, he won by only 1 second….

Possible reasons:

  • He has covid (really)
  • He was not top performing and shamelessly abandoned before the mountains
  • He was positive….
  • He honoured his contract to be present for 10 stages and that’s it
  • He is ready for the Tour


To give you a hint, only 2 pink jersey were (forced to) abandon: Merckx (he is always, anyway the previous case) in 1969 and Pantani in 1999

The GC is reshaped now with 3 riders in 6 seconds and Geraint THOMAS in Pink

Lots of other guys abandoned, most notably Pozzovivo, Vlasov and Uran

21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 10 – Flash

Fantagiro contest

The stage was won by Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team. Giacomo is grabbing the 5th overall place, with the leadership firmly in hand of Daniele Pontiggia’s Pippero

Rookies Contest

9 rookies this year. welcome to everybody. Andrea Puricelli’s Business Suppost is leading this classification and 3rd overall. but be careful, Elena Mauro’s Elena’s Team is chasing you, just 15 points behind

Other mentions for:

  • Vincenzo Capuana CAP 90013
  • marco livio dream team
  • Giorgio Polito Bike Brothes
  • Michela Cazzaniga Cazzateam
  • Andrea Mauro Bubu Milano
  • Daniele Poletti Dany

Keep going

Family Feuds

We have a few family feuds, in order in general classifications

  • sii frategghiu miu minori, ma in ferocia sii maggiori!! – The Mandressi Snake Family: Stefano Cobra in 15th and Claudio Biscia in 16th…. Just 1 point difference…. we expect a nice dinner time
  • Cat Steven’s Father and Sun Feud – Giacomo (5th) and Antonio (23rd) Salmoiraghi – The younger generations are speeding up
  • Oh, we were born within an hour of each other, Our mothers said we could be sister and brother – Alessia (39th) and Daniele (51st) Poletti. if you ahve other brothers, call them in
  • Pci psi pli pri Dc dc dc dc – Daniele Pontiggia (1st) and Michela Cazzaniga (35th) after stalking his wife for years on the Fantagiro, Daniele finally pulled his wife in
Full Points

Every year a few teams reach the outstanding result of bringing all 15 riders to score at least one point. Generally this happens in the final stages of the Giro.

This year it happened as early as stage 7 for two teams:

  • daniele Pontiggia Pippero
  • Alessandro Roggiani RENZ Team

Another bunch of people acquired this result on stage 10

  • Andrea Puricelli Business Suppost
  • Giacomo Salmoiraghi Scott Cycling Team
  • Marco Facciano Carlo Pedersoli always with us
  • Einypw Team Pie
  • Elena Mauro Elena’s Team
  • Sander Logtenberg TOUR DU SAINT TROPEZ
  • Stefano Mandressi Cobra Libre
  • claudio Mandressi Pedalemolle Team

for a strange reason these are all in the top 15 positions

Retired riders

Several riders have retired from the giro with the Giro with effects on all teams:

The teams who lost more riders (5) are:

  • Edward Caley Cyclepathic
  • marco livio dream team
The monkey

Drammatically last….


A tandem is puling the classfication here;

Ken Narangoda Làbaro Amaro Viola – Trisome CC with 111 points


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