21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 17 – Results

A bunch sprint, the second last opportunity for Cannonball Mark…. but not his day, he did not even take part of the sprint. HE is going to play an all-in on Sunday

Michael Matthews (3rd) launched a long sprint. He is not a pure sprinter but made a good photofinish.

Jonathan Milan (2nd) and Alberto Dainese (1st) had the best out of him

Now we have the mountain showdown: 2 uphill finishes and a TT climb, will they shake the GC? We hope so, otherwise this will be most boring Giro of the last 21 editions of Fantasy Giro D’Italia

21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 17 – Results

… the winner is the guy on the right with the black jersey

Fantagiro contest

Daniele Pontiggia’s Pippero wins the stage and extends it’s lead…. Is it Game over for everybody?

There are 3 mountain stages coming but we need an outsider to shake it the jersey pff Daniele’s shoulder


No mountains today, the show is coming tomorrow


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