21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 2 – results – Jonathan Milan


A long flat and boring stage. Nothing happened for hours and then a sprint

Why do they do these flat stages?

Why do they do these on a Sunday?

4 kms to go a crash happened and some riders lost sime time. That’s it

Then the Sprint:

1st Jonathan Milan wins on David Dekker and Kaden Groves

Jonathan Milan is relatively new on the road but he won and olympic gold in team pursuit with Ganna, and also a world championship and several medals at the worlds.

21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 2 –  flash results

Fantagito contest

The veterans are back:

After winning in 2015, third in 2016 and 2017, Daniele Pontiggia’s Pippero wins the stage thanks to the services of Jonathan Milan.

For those who do not know it, Pippero is a traditional Bulgarian dance that was brought to Italy in the 80’s exchanging it with the famous Ramaya. It’s a human, sincere stranger dance.

The Pippero’s are by the way not stong enough to take the lead in the GC and they don’t see the jacket with the logo SG and they don’t see him hurtling and bucking and they remain bursted by the petomuffler of Supergiovane’s Ichnusa Virus

@Supergiovane, can you fly away?

Daniele Pontiggia wins by 2

And Supergiovane takes the lead


The same 32 of yesterday win the stage…. come on, give it a break

Fantagiro Fixing Riders

The stage was boring and what is more boring than checking that all teams are properly typed and check that all riders started?

Here the changes that happened

Edward CaleyCyclepathicFOSS TobiasSINKELDAM Ramon
Antonio Fusistella rossa firenze ciclisti proletariFOSS TobiasCARTHY Hugh
pantaleo di LorenzoGINO D’ ITALIAFOSS TobiasTHOMAS Geraint
Antonio SalmoiraghiPedalata Assistita TeamFOSS TobiasCavendish Mark
Rita Visonàbarcollo ma non molloFOSS TobiasMOLLEMA Bauke
Ritroso & BinottoBiggus DickusFOSS TobiasFORMOLO Davide
marco liviodream teamGESINK RobertURÁN Rigoberto
The MonkeyThe Pink MonkeyGESINK RobertKONYCHEV Alexander
Riccardo BelardiGiro BattiliMÄDER GinoCATTANEO Mattia
Rita Visonàbarcollo ma non molloMASNADA FaustoBAUDIN Alex
Beatrice Andreolabeat the monkeyPÉRICHON Pierre-LucVLASOV Aleksandr
The MonkeyThe Pink MonkeyTHOMPSON ReubenFETTER Erik
marco liviodream teamVIVIANI AttilioVLASOV Aleksandr


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