21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 5 – results


It’s tme for Kaden GROVES to take his stage victory, while everything happens behind him:

Cavendish fells right on the arrival line (4th anyway), Evenepoel fells twice, once caused by a dog crossing the road.

Some of you may remember that back in 1997 Pantani was forced to abandon because of a cat (white) crossing the road. We’ve also seen cows at the tour de france, so don’t worry too much on Zoophilia.

It could be worse, it could be raining…. well it was.

21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 5 –  results

Fantagiro contest

Stage won by Daniele Pontiggia’s Pippero who consolidates the lead vs Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni

Podium after the first quarter of the giro is completed with Alessandro Roggiani’s RENZ Team. Alessandro after 4 years is learning the rules of the giro.

We then have in fifth position Claudio Ceni’s Come C’enno – A superveteran at his 16th partecipation (almost like Pozzovivo)

And the first rookie on 6th Elena Mauro’s Elena’s Team. We will keep an eye on you, Elena, expecially because your team is exactly the same as Einypw’s Team Pie who is obbioulsy sixth as Elena. The one who submitted the team first will be leading. Both teams posted on 6th May but Elena posted on at 10:06 vs 11:25 of Einipw. You scored one point here Elena, but be aware, the next thing we will build on this site is a ChatGPT detector, so you can’t cheat by copying other people’s teams

In eigth position we have Andrea Puricelli’s Business Suppost. But Andrea chose the wrong team name. the correct name is OBOLO and you know why.

Ninth is superveteran Rene van Noort’s Bas Boer Noten & Slagerij van Eijk – he is in the game since 21 years. There are only two highlanders here and only one will survive, and that’s me…. you are warned.

Tenth is another couple: Fred de Witt’s The White Tornadooos and Loris Favarato’s FINOALLAFINE. You are both in the top ten…. but the next 2 teams are just 1 point behind


Is he your cousin?

Samuele Zoccarato was in the breakaway gaining 13 mountain points and 1 point on the stage (15th).

We have a Zoccarato in our competition who obiously put his cousing in the game. And he won the mountain stage. We all are fans of your cousin here.


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