22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 1- Results

The giro has started and finally we are here to share the result of the everlasting Giro D’italia, now at its 22nd edition

Yes, it’s true: it is 22 years I do this thing…. why? Once during a job interview (probably 22 years ago) they asked for a defect, now i finally know the answer: Perseverance…

The Stage:

Jhonatan Manuel NARVAEZ PRADO wins the stage with Maximilian SCHACHMANN in Second and Tadej POGAČAR

Gianni BUGNO can hold the breath for another year: he was the last to take the pink jersey from stage 1 to the end, and probably he will hold this record for another year.
Pogacar gave it a try but he was only third. we trust NARVAEZ PRADO but probably won’t hold it for all 20 stages

The Contest

We have 43+2 teams this year with 9+1 rookies

Why +2 and +1? Look for the monkey below

Probably i forgot somebody or messed up some teams… check things before monday the 6th or this will be definitive

The results:

Remko Kampert’s De derailleurkes takes the first stage and pink jersey, second was Lorenzo Lampiano’s Freno pedalando in salita and a bunch of people to follow

Remko Kampert’s hattrick were a couple of dutch or belgian riders like Quinten HERMANS and Mauri VANSEVENANT (6th and 7th), let’s see if we can hold this

All teams already scored at least 1 point…. it never happened as of stage 1

The monkeys:

This year there are 2 random teams:

  • The pink Monkey (totally random) that last year was very low in classification
  • The Golden Monkey : introduced this time for the first time, it is a random selection fo the top 30 picks of your teams. My expectations is that the Golden Monkey will be quite high in the classifications

The Rookies:

9 rookies: somobody asked their mother to take part of this competition just to increase the family shares.

The Salmoiraghi Family has now 3 competitors: Giacomo, Antonio and Stefania: family wars coming

rookies stage won by MVDPOGAERT…. who is that? too lazy to check, i will tell you tomorrow

The results:

you know what this is: open the excel

For newbies: check the file excel attached. If you don’t understand it, there is a problem: I made this model 22 years ago, don’t even think that I will able to explain it to you after so much time.

Giro Fans

This year we introduce a new gallery: Giro Fans, photos taken by members of this community and shared stage by stage:

Marco Pogliano’s visit it Torino in these pictures

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