22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 7 results

Stage 7:

Time trial:

As expected Filippo GANNA takes the hot seat for all the afternoon and as expected the last rider to ride, the Maglia Rosa Tadej POGACAR wins the stage with GANNA second and Magnus SHEFFIELD third

POGACAR extends the lead to 2:36 on MARTINEZ, now second in GC and 2:46 on Geraint THOMAS who loses the second spot overall

The contest

Stage 7:

With a bunchful of team hitting first and second in this stage, the winner is Stefano Mandressi’s COBRA LIBRE. Known has the COBRA in the TRI-GLICERIDI team, his little brother BISCIA (grass snake) is also competing in the Giro, so let’s have a look at the family feuds

Family Feuds:

Mandressis: Claudio 20th and Stefano 27th

Pontiggias: Daniele 17th and Michela 30th

Salmoiraghis: Giacomo 15th, Antonio 24th and Stefania 40th

Polettis: Alessia 21st and Daniele 26th

General Classification:

A huge shakeup in GC with Rene Van noort climbing to first and Supergiovane slipping to 4th

There are 3 teams in 10 point, 5 in 20 and 11 in 50 points. The Giro is still very open


Several team scored 1°, 2° and 3° today so nothin happened.

Tomorrow is a mountain stage

The results

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