22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 12 results

Updates for two stages today… sometimes i have busy days and cannot make a daily update

Stage 11:

Sprint by the sea with Jonathan MILAN showing all his power on Tim MERLIER. The problem is that Merlier crossed the road from elft to right while spring and was relegated to last

Stage 12:

Once you are a world champion you are a world champion for ever.

Julian ALAPHILIPPE takes a hilly stage with a breakaway from far away together with Mirco Maestri who in the end was only tenth but made a great stage anyway.

Second was Narvaez who is accumulating quite some points this year.

For those who do not know, Julian Alaphilippe has won back to back world championship in 2020 and 2021. Theh he had some back luck with several broken bones and some arguments with is general manager. But is believe this stage will put everything back in place

The contest

Stage 10:

The sprint stage was won by Sander Logtenberg’s McDonalds who is the first team to take 2 victories in this Giro

The GC in now in the hands of Rene van Noort’s Bitterballen! but will it last

Stage 11:

Few teams had Julian Alaphilippe in their roadster and Massimiliano CIvidini’s CaptainMax scores again

As expected the GC flipped again with Claudio Ceni’s Come C’enno taking back the lead

the top teams are closed in very few points with the big mountains still to come


A tandem is leading in the mountains: Edward Caley’s Slow Puncture and Marco Facciano’s Pretty in Pink

There are 7 teams in 8 points ( 11 in 20 points) and as we know mountains can be traitors and flip the game as a matter of stages

keep riding

The results

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