22nd Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2024 – Stage 6 results

Stage 6:

A long breakaway on some “strade bianche”.

As usual the scenary in the strade bianche is absolutely beatiful and you could bet on a breakaway, that eventually took off.

Julian ALAPHILIPPE (twice world champion) tried hard but Pelayo SANCHEZ MAYO won the stage. Third was Lucas PLAPP. the group cam in all together

Stage 7 is a time trial. Time for the big names to showup

The contest

Stage 6:

Nobody had PELAYO in their team but some had ALAPHILIPPE

The stage victory goes to Massimiliano Cividini’s CapitanMax who had both Alaphilippe and Narvaez (5ht).

Massimiliano has a singular record in this game having won in the past first the Black then the Pink Jersey in two consecutive editions. Dear rookies, there is a great opportunity for you… stay on board next year

The GC leader is still Supergiovane but on his back are two of the veterans of the game: Claudio Ceni’s Come Cenno and Rene Van Noort and his Bitterballen! team. Rene hasn’t missed and edition since the beginning in 2003 and also won a couple of editions… and he is back on the podium

see you tomorrow

The results

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