Giro D’Italia 2018 – HALL OF FAME

Froome won the giro, flipping the giro d’Italia in a stage like Floyd Landis back in 2006.

Technically he did a Pink Floyd….

The team who had the best GC riders were:

  • Augusto Sansoni’s “Chianti Cycling team”
  • Edward Caley’s “Chris Froome is innocent”


We had a record of 31 teams this year:

The winners of the Giro are:

  • Pink Jersey: Alessio Ciardi with his “Atletico Lasonil”
  • Mountain Jersey: Lorenzo Lampiano with his “Se la pioggia fosse transitiva, io ti temporalo”
  • Black Jersey: Massimiliano Cividini with his “coppa Cobram”
  • Black Mountain Jersey: Beatrice Andreola with her “Pere Pere Team”
  • Best Rookie – Diego Lupp’s “Cernobbio Cycling Team”
  • Most Stage Wins – Edward Caley’s “Chris Froome is innocent” – 9 Wins

ETERNAL GLORY to all of you:

Here the HALL OF FAME –> Giro hall of fame

Special Mentions: (it always takes me a couple of these to write the last post)

  • Annalies Crab’s “The Pink Knight” – Annalies is the first woman in this competition – She fought hard but was only second
  • Antonio Fusi’s “Stella Rossa Firenze Ciclisti Proletari” – After many years finally on the podium
  • Jeroen Vandeput’s “Molteni” – just 1 point of the podium
  • Augusto Sansoni’s “Chianti Cycling team” – Some good wine is always welcome
  • Claudio Ceni’s “Como C’enno” – Initially a pink jersey, he finished in the top 10 without winning any stage (like Balmamion)
  • Rene Van Noort’s “Saludos Torremolinos” – Started quietly but became dangerous towards the end of the giro, winning 2 stages and climbing positions
  • Claudio Mandressi’s “Pedalemolle Team” – Wins the battle against his brother
  • Stefano Mandressi’s “MAS – Memento Audere Semper” – Consolation price in family for winning 4 stages versus 0 of your brother
  • Remko Kamper’s “DE DERAILLEURKES” – Winner of the first stage
  • Andrea Munisso’s “Insomnia” – for his pictures in Nervesa
  • Daniele Pontiggia’s “AS Tronzo” – A past winner , always dangerous
  • Luca Monducci’s “Caratelli” – Called for comments by Antonio Fusi, but never replied
  • Luca Giannella’s “Luca Giannella Team” – A late submission costed him 25 points, and 2 positions in GC
  • Marco Facciano’s “The Legendary Pink Cadillac” – Race organizer
  • Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s “GS STELVIO TEAM” – hands in hands with Ed Caley for several stages, he lost contact in the end
  • Davide Guarisco’s “Dark Polo Team” – The other family faida winner
  • Matteo Guarisco’s “Mucelio Pro” – try playing it like the Yates twins
  • Valentina Londero’s “Mozart” – A round 1000 points
  • Marco Pogliano’s “Segre Bike 2018” – The first mountain stage winner
  • Nasly Nissen’s “T Vilegend Moteureke” – we need some help on your team name
  • Loris Favarato’s “Finoallafine” – Do not mix football with cycling please
  • Eros Munras (or Murtas) ‘s “Manubri Velocis team” – on the day where everybody scored tons of points in the mountains, he stayed well behind
  • Mario Bisicchia’s “Gazzo Riders” – was able to score 0 points for some 7 stages and yet not be the black jersey
  • Stefano Bernasconi’s “Drink Team” – a hard fight for black
  • Alessandro Mariani’s “VanPoppeDaPaura” – we love your team name


Here the results of the last stage

giro-2018-classification-AFTER-STAGE-21 and final

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