Giro D’Italia 2018 – Stage 09

Adam Yates in Pink takes the stage, Pinot second and Chaves third. Froome and Aru loose more than 1 minute and are now out of top 10 with more than 2 minutes to recover

GC is Yates, Chaves and Dumoulin.

Yates and Chaves are part fo the same team – Scott-Mitchelton

A quick tour back in our memory to see when we had 2 athletes from the same team in recent years. Question, what do all the names in bold have have in common?

  • Giro 1995 – Berzin and Ugrumov
  • Giro 2004 – Cunego – Simoni
  • Giro 2010 – Basso – Nibali
  • Giro 2015 – Aru – Landa
  • Tour 1996 – RiisUllrich
  • Tour 2007 – ContadorLeipheimer
  • Tour 2009 – ContadorArmstrong
  • Tour 2011 – Schleck – Schleck
  • Tour 2012 – WigginsFroome
  • Tour 2015 – Quintana – Valverde
  • Vuelta 1995 – Jalabert – Bruynell
  • Vuelta 2006 – VinoukurovKashechkin
  • Vuelta 2008 – ContadorLeipheimer
  • Vuelta 2011 – FroomeWiggins


The Twin couple of Giacomo Salmoiraghi and Edward Caley win another stage, but this time not alone as they are joined by Augusto Sansoni’s “Chianti Cycling Team 2018”

Atletico Lasonil is in the lead again

On the back end, Massimiliano Cividini continues to hold on to his black jersey.

Note of (de) merit to Beatrice Andreola’s “Pere Pere Team” who seeked for the expert advise with Mattia and is now second last.

Beatrice, next time choose your riders alone…..


Veteran Andrea Munisso’s “INSOMNIA” take the stage. Andrea is one of the few to be in competition since 16 years and deserves a spot in the annals of this game

Leadership still on Giacomo Salmoiraghi who earned a few points on stage 5 and is holding to that to keep his lead


Today rest day



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