17th Fantagiro – Final Results

Final stage and final results

This stage deserves more comments and stats and these will come in the next days

Giro Winner

  1. Richard CARAPAZ
  2. Vincenzo NIBALI
  3. Primos ROGLIC

Fantagiro Winner

Best GC Team to Andrea QUERCIOLI’s Quercia is back

Overall Winner:

Alessio CIARDI‘s Atletico Lasonil and Massimiliano CIVIDINI’s scappati di casa. The twin team (identical) win by just 1 point on Claudio MANDRESSI’s Pedalemolle team. This is the closed run so far at the giro: 3 teams in 1 point…


  1. Giulio CICCONE
  2. Fausto MASNADA
  3. Damiano CARUSO

Fantagiro Mountains

  1. Marco VIGANÒ’s KOM team
  2. Rita VISONÀ‘s La bellezza salverà il mondo
  3. Andrea QUERCIOLI‘s Quercia is back

Black Jersey

In real life: Sho HATSUYAMA from Japan

In Fantagiro: Michele BELLON‘s Trattoria al Curvone

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