17th fantagiro – hall of fame

The giro has finished and this will be the last message you receive for this year.

Eternal Glory – The hall of fame

Here is the updated hall of fame. Carved in stone, nobody will ever remove the


from you, once your name is written in this book

Unwritten traditions and rules

There are a couple of unwritten rule in this game that you must observe

  1. Invite at least 10 friends to the next edition of the fantagiro or you will be receive 10 years of bad luck
  2. If your name is mentioned in this specific celebration post, you must pay a drink to other competitors.
  3. The quantity of drinks that you will need to pay depends on the importance of the classification you have won
  4. If in previous years you have already been booked in the hall of fame, the number of drinks will double
  5. If you are a rookie and you are mentioned in the hall of fame then number of drinks triples

The Pink Jersey

Ex equo first price:

  • For the second year in a row Alessio CIARDI‘s Atletico Lasonil wins the giro (6 drinks you need to pay)
  • His twin team Massimiliano Cividini‘s scappati di casa, was Black jersey last year and 1 one single year climbs from last to first (6 drinks also for you, we cannot treat you differenlty)

Third Position for Claudio MANDRESSI‘s pedalemolle team (you know the rules…. Pizzoccheri)


A rookie wins the mountain goat championship (this counts 3 drinks) + 1 for winning an important classification

  1. Marco VIGANÒ’KOM team
  2. Rita VISONÀ‘s La bellezza salverà il mondo
  3. Andrea QUERCIOLI‘s Quercia is back

Black Jersey

  • 49th Michele BELLON‘s Trattoria al curvone – keep on trying Michele… You are also a rookie (this counts 3 drinks only)
  • 48th Lorenzo BERGAMO‘s The perfect wave – welcome back Lorenzo
  • 47th Beatrice ANDREOLA‘s Joy follower – please visit her site www.joyfollower.com (this is a countless amount of beers)

Rookies Contest

  1. Riccardo LATINI‘s Cycling Newbies (3 drinks + 1)
  2. Alessandro Roggiani‘s Team Roggia
  3. Marco Algieri‘s Mercatone Uno – You cannot drink unless you get on a bycicle

Teams that scored at least 1 point in every stage

Only 1 team was able to score 1 point in each stage:

  • Il Pirata‘s team Romagna – We know who you are… but if you do not want to tell everybody, you will need to bring drinks anyway…. just leave them in the canteen (3+1)

Teams who won at least 1 stage and that brought all 15 riders to points

  • 27 teams have won at least 1 stage
  • 28 teams have won at least 1 mountain stage
  • 25 teams have brought all 15 riders to score at least 1 point

lists are too long, go find them yourself in the excel file and chase them for a drink

Some stats

Number of teams:

49 teams

  • 42 Italian
  • 5 Dutch
  • 1 USA
  • 1 UK
Rider Scores

132 riders scored points in the giro.

Within our 49 team, 101 riders were selected of which 68 scored at least 1 point… Good mix

Best possible team

The best possible team would have been the following

If you had chosen these 15 riders you woudl ahve scored 1325 points. Our winner scored 1200…. well done

Points – Rider

  • 132 CARAPAZ Richard
  • 132 ACKERMANN Pascal
  • 118 DÉMARE Arnaud
  • 115 EWAN Caleb
  • 107 ROGLIČ Primož
  • 93 NIBALI Vincenzo
  • 81 YATES Simon
  • 77 LANDA Mikel
  • 71 BILBAO Pello
  • 69 MAJKA Rafal
  • 67 LÓPEZ Miguel Ángel
  • 66 MOLLEMA Bauke
  • 64 CIMOLAI Davide
  • 59 GAVIRIA Fernando

Good bye and see you next year

Don’t forget your drinks

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