17th Fantagiro – MEET THE TEAMS

Finally we are ready to start:

A new record

This year we have a new record of 47 teams attending.

This is shadowing the previous record of 31 teams of last year

We have some returning players and several rookies (18) that are attending for the first time

Welcome and good luck to everybody

The Teams

Putting together data for 48 teams require quite some work as the teams all together showed 102 different riders. Since there are 176 starters in total there is quite a high possibility we will get points all over the place

  • 43 teams of 47 chose Nibali
  • 42 Chose Roglic
  • 41 Dumuolin
  • 41 Yates

The competition will not be won there but with some outsider

Check your team

I invite everybody to check their teams. No claims will be accepted after stage 4 results have been published

Please find attached list of players and teams for your check

There are 3 tabs: Details, stats, and pivot. Enjoy yourself in excel

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