17th Fantagiro – Stage 1

Stage one, individual time trial in Bologna. For those of you who do not know Bologna, the arrival was set on top of the San Luca climb, short but very steep.

Stage Results

  • Primoz Roglic dominates the time trial, smashing everybody with 19 seconds to second man Yates in just 8,2 Km
  • Second was Yates
  • Third was Nibali
  • Last was Japanese Hiroki Nishimura who came in with 4:36 minutes of delay which means OUT OF TIME, so we have the first man to leave the Giro

Just for everyone to remember Hiroshi Nishimura:

The Fantasy Giro

Since almost all the teams showed the top 3 and 4 and 5 (Lopez and Dumoulin) and many also had Mr. Number 6 (Majka), the race had to be decided on 7th position: GEOGHEGAN HART Tao

  • Edward Caley with his team “Brexit Exiles” wins the first stage and takes the Maglia rosa with 118 Points (note that max per stage is 142, i need to check this but i believe we are close to another record. Edward matches the top 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,13 and 14 of this stage. Edward is at his 4th partecipation but has learned quickly: Black Jersey (last) in 2016, he has scored most stage victories in both 2017 and 2018 (9 stage each year)
  • JR Weinberg‘s “Twin Palm” takes second place. Also Jr is not a newice: his first participation was 2012 but already at his second year, in 2013, JR has won the Giro D’Italia
  • Antonio Salmoiraghi‘s Cepina Team takes third. Antonio is a Rookie since last year he shared the team with his son, but now he is requiring some authonomy. Com’on Giacomo, your dad is getting older, give him a break….
  • From 4 th onward we have 17 teams in 10 points so help yourself with the attachement

Black Jersey

Seem we have a couple of tough contender this year: Michele Bellon scored 13 points, just 2 points less than Emanuela Gazzola‘s Gazzola Team.

The only team who had Hiroki Nishimura was Michele’s team (still with no name). So you are playing with only 14…..


The stage was won by Giulio Ciccone who this year move to a Pro-Tour team, Only 1 team has Ciccone, and the first stage and Jersey goes to Marco Viganò‘s KOM team

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