17th Fantagiro – Stage 11

Another Boring Flat stage…. from today mountains wills start

Stage Results

  1. Caleb EWAN
  2. Arnaud DÉMARE
  3. Pascal ACKERMANN

Stage Comments

again we had three men in a breakway and guess who they were:

Mirco FRAPPORTI, Mirco MAESTRI, Damiano CIMA. if there is a breakway, you can bet these three will be there.

End of the game for many sprinters also:


Now it’s time for the climbers and maybe something more exciting will happen


Stage victory go to Claudio Mandressi‘s Pedalemolle Team together with Jeroen Vandeput‘s Molteni. Let’s see if they will resist to the charge of the climbers that will start on stage 12.

These two had lots of comments in the past days, so let’s look at the center of the classification:

Alice Crozzoletto‘s Io sono hulk – is the first team on the list to have scored at lease 1 point in each stage. Alice is quietly supervising a fight between two chickens:

Mattia Calzolari‘s Flandres and Riccardo Latini‘s CyclignNewbie. These two are fighting to prevail on each other in every possible field: Fantasy Cycling, Fantasy Football, Table Tennis, Go Kart, Tic Tac Toe, Girls, Beers, Girls, Food, Girls….. Each of them is returning from every competition with legendary and mythological resumes of how the competition happened, so it is impossible for anybody to judge who is leading the fight.

Currently Riccardo is leading by 5 points on Mattia, with Fred de Witt‘s White Tornado in the middle. Fred: you have two options here: get squeezed between the two (can be dangerous) or move to the next level and compete directly with them (not only in cycling).

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