17th Fantagiro – Stage 2

First stage for sprinters and a sprint was delivered:

Stage Results:

  • Pascal Ackermann surprised everybody and won the first sprint of this year
  • Viviani was Second
  • Caleb Ewan third

The Fantasy Giro

The second stage completely flipped the classification of yesterday with Edward Calay moving from 1st to 13th and Jr Weinberd from 2nd to 16th

A bunch of teams took 87 points: Alessio Ciardi, Daniele Pontiggia, Davide Guarisco, Jeroen Vandeput, Stefano Mandressi and Claudio Mandressi, and Massimiliano Cividini.

All these teams had Ackermann as a sprinter

The veterans are showing up here:

  • Alessio Ciardi‘s Atletico Lasonil, the winner of the 2018 edition takes the pink Jersey
  • Daniele Pontiggia‘s Ciclisti Brutti (Ugly Cylcists…) is second with just 2 points
  • Davide Guarisco‘s Masterchef United and Joeren Vanderput‘s “Molteni” are third

Special Mention of the Day:

Massimiliano Cividini‘s “Scappati di casa” (escaped from home), after taking the Black Jersey last year has now the pleasure of winning one stage

The Mountains:

As usual. I forgot 1 team and this team is winning both the first and the second stage in the mountains

Welcome to Marco Viganò‘s KOM team. a rookie that take the first green Jersey thanks to Ciccone

Check results here

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