17th Fantagiro – Stage 7

Stage Results

  1. Pedro BILBAO
  2. Tony GALLOPIN
  3. Davide FORMOLO

Stage Comments

Long breakaway today that has reached the result with little over 1 minute advantage

Bilbao took victory with Gallopin 2nd and Formolo 3rd.

Formolo was quoted before the giro as an outsider for the top 5 and now he has exactly the same time as Roglic, 5 minutes down to Conti

Today an excellent name left the game: Fernando GAVIRIA, who was in all the top teams of our competition. More opportunitites for the runner ups.

Also Sacha MODOLO left the Giro. Modolo is in a few teams also.


Excellent stage by Matteo Borghi‘s Atletico Caslangeles. He wins the stage thanks to Gallopin, Formolo and Hamilton (2nd, 3rd and 4th). Followign an excellent stage yesterday, he gains 5 positions in 2 days and is now sitting in 31st position.

Matteo decided to start the game at the last moment after his colleagues launched an internal competition.

Most of the partecipants are employees (or former) of companies I have worked for or in some cases cycling companions, so one day i will publish the subleagues….


Emanuela Gazzola‘s Gazzola Team wins the mountain stage. Emanuela is one of the few readers that reads all the Tri-Gliceridi articles from start to end, so a great thank you to Emanuela and all our passionate readers

Classification turnaround

All our classification have changed leader with this stage:

  • Pink Jersey: Pedalemolle team left the lead to the tandem Atletico Lasonil and Scappati di casa. these 2 teams have exactly the same members, so you will go hands in hands (like lovers are supposed to be)
  • Black Jersey: Lorenzo Bergamo‘s the perfect wave is now last in our competition after Michele Bellon‘s Trattoria al curvone scored something like 39 point in stage 7 (almost there, michele)
  • Mountain Jersey Matteo Borghi‘s Atletico Caslangeles has reached the top together with Marco Viganò‘s KOM team

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