18th Fantagiro – Stage 20 – all together now

France closed the borders and the stage had to be changed from a mighty mountain stage to a three time climb of Sestriere

The Stage

I have ridden all three sides of Sestriere during the years and always survived, It is the mountains before Sestriere that make the difference.

That’s what I thought before seing a two times time trial world champion like Rohan DENNIS pulling everybody at incredible speed on this mountain

He dropped Dutch Pink Jersay Wilko KELDERMANN on the climb and pulled all the way to the last 2km the top 2 of the Giro:

Tao GEOGHEGAN HART gets the stage, Jai HINDLEY takes second and Rohan DENNIS manages to get third

Jay Hindley takes the Pink Jersay from his team mate Wilko Keldermann.

The top two, Hindley and Geoghegan Hart have the same time, with a slight advantage to Hindley (0,86 seconds) who will wear pink on the last stage


Fantasy Giro

Emanuela Gazzola’s Gazzola team wins the stage and is slowly climbing the classification to 25th. She still has one shot being the only team with Geoghegan Hart

Mountain Jersey

No More mountains in the giro this year.

We assign ETERNAL GLORY to the Mountain Classification of this year:

  1. Alberto Torriani’s Neuroneubriaco with 596 points
  2. Marco Algier’s I corridori della Domenica with 325 points
  3. Emanuela Gazzola’s Gazzola Team with 323 points

ETERNAL GLORY TO ALBERTO…. Good result for a rookie


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