19th Fantasy Giro D’italia – 2021 – The hall of fame

The giro 2021 has ended and finally i can rest… before i do this, please allow some statistics:

45 teams have taken part of the Giro, and i am sorry i have not spent a word for all of you (too many teams)

The Giro is free, this means that you can pick the winner of any classification or sub classification fo your choice and ask them for a drink. The rules are pretty simple: if you pay to enter a game, you are entitled for a prize, if you do not pay, then you must pay drinks to everybody else…… let the chase begin

New competition for 2022: The recruiter’s cup

Next year we will add a new competition: the recruiter’s cup: every new team will need to declare who presented him to the Giro and the team who presents more will win the new competition….. START RECRUITING NOW (start spamming your friends)

The hall of fame

Eternal Glory

as promised to all our winners and participants

19th Fantasy Giro D’italia – 2021 – The hall of fame


General Classification

Unfortunately for Edward Caley’s Saddle Sore (who won 6 stages) , you cannot win by choosing only General Classification riders but you need a mix of GC, sprinters and Time-trialist to win a Giro

Fact proved by Loris Favarato and his Cavallo Goloso team that came from a fair general classification to an exploit at the end of the game that brought him to his first victory (at his 10th attempt)

Second was Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni, the only rider in the top 5 with no stage wins. Jeroen was leading the game with just two stages to go but had to surrender to Loris in the last stage.

Third was Ken Narangoda’s Trisome who won stage 2 and then remained in light for the whole game but his team only managed a third

1st Loris Favarato Cavallo goloso 978
2nd Jeroen Vandeput Molteni 961
3rd Ken Narangoda Trisome 954

Mountains Classification

After having dominated the game for 19 stages, Il pirata has been defeated by Edward Caley’s Saddle Sore on the 20th stage, good consolation for il pirata’s Ultimi and another podium finish for Ken Narangoda’s Trisome

  • 1st: Edward Caley Saddle Sore 500
  • 2nd: il pirata ULTIMI 461
  • 3rd: Ken Narangoda Trisome 453

Rookie’s Contest

This year we had three rookies only that did shine in some way: pantaleo di Lorenzo’s GIRO DI TAGLIA secured a 6th place which is a great result for a rookie; Sander Logtenberg’s Cirque du Sprint was 16th overall which in the first part of the classification; marco esteri’s LUPUPU started the giro with a team filled of sprinters and won 4 stages which is a great result for a rookie but then he lost focus and ended 29th

  • 6th pantaleo di Lorenzo GIRO DI TAGLIA – 914
  • 17th Sander Logtenberg Cirque du Sprint – 856
  • 29th marco esteri LUPUPU – 759

Most stage wins:

16 different teams won stages with the best placed as follows

  • 1st Edward Caley Saddle Sore – 6 wins – he also has 7 stages with 0 points ( you need to improve here)
  • 2nd Marco Esteri LUPUPU – 4 wins
  • 3rd ex-equo: daniele Pontiggia Sig. Pulito, Luca Monducci Rivoluzione d’ottobre and Augusto Sansoni Chianti Cycling Team 2021 with 3 stages each

Most Mountain Stage wins

15 different teams won mountain stages

  • 1st Marco Algieri Sempre Mercatone Uno – 4 stages
  • 2nd Edward Caley Saddle Sore – 3 stages
  • 3rd ex-equo michele bellon TRATTORIA IL CURVONE 2 and il pirata ULTIMI

Best GC team

Edward Caley Saddle Sore had 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th and 13th in general classification. Something that brought him 122 points in the bonus stage

Black Jersey

  • 45th Michele Bellon TRATTORIA IL CURVONE 2 – Michele is at his second Black jersey title – 51 points
  • 44th Marco Algieri Sempre Mercatone Uno – He started winning the first stage but then he stopped there – 393 points
  • 43rd Andrea Clementi TiCiuloLaBici – 424 points with a victory in a mountain stage

Teams with at least 1 point in each stage

Only 4 teams were able to score at least 1 point in each stage:

  • Loris Favarato Cavallo goloso
  • Ken Narangoda Trisome
  • Luca Monducci Rivoluzione d’ottobre
  • marco esteri LUPUPU

Teams where all members scored at least 1 point

6 teams scored at least 1 point per rider

  • Alessio Ciardi Atletico Lasonil (yes, also our former giro winner has a special note)
  • il pirata ULTIMI
  • Jeroen Vandeput Molteni
  • Ken Narangoda Trisome
  • Loris Favarato Cavallo goloso
  • Marco Facciano pink cashmere

Most resistant team

2 teams ended with 13 riders and only 2 retired

  • Daniele Bossi Tutto Cuore
  • michele bellon TRATTORIA IL CURVONE 2

And 2 teams ended with 12 riders/3 retired

  • Andrea Clementi TiCiuloLaBici
  • Mattia Calzolari Buo Team

Retired riders

On the other hand 11 teams had 8 riders that did not make it to Milano. This is quite a number

  • Antonio Fusi Stella Rossa Firenze Ciclisti Proletari
  • Antonio Salmoiraghi Spritz Team
  • Augusto Sansoni Chianti Cycling Team 2021
  • daniele Pontiggia Sig. Pulito
  • Fred de Witt The White Tornadoes
  • Jeroen Vandeput Molteni
  • Lorenzo Lampiano WE are not COE
  • Marco Nesi Terapia Tapioca Team
  • remko kampert Pedaleurs de charme
  • Sander Logtenberg Cirque du Sprint
  • Tomato Big Tomatos

Final Results


The Giro is over, some well deserved rest to the organizer and to all the players

Start recruiting for next year

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