20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – Stage 12 – Results

Lorenzo Rota escapes from the Group.

Van Der Poel wants to win this stage and therofore sends his teammate Stefano OLDANI on the chase to regroup the group.

But the split goes and gains several minutes and in the end Stefano OLDANI wins the stage, with Lorenzo ROTA in second and Gijs LEEMREIZE in third

The groups comes in at 9 minutes but in the front group there were two big names: Bauke MOLLEMA and Wilko KELDERMANN who both gain 8 minutes versus the Maglia Rosa. Now Keldermann is back in contention with only 3 minutes gap. Mollema is now at 6 mins.

The game

Black Jersey turns pink for one day

Quick instructions:

Go to the last line of the file to find the winner of the stage:

Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS is the only team to show Oldani and wins with 25 straight points stage 12.

Beatrice is still brilliantly last but now she can add some pink shine to her team

The mountains

Copy paste from above:

Black Jersey turns green (or blue) for one day

Guess what: only one team had Oldani… and Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS win also the mountain stage

Beatrice is still brilliantly last but now she can add some Green shine to her team.

The Giro is getting older… when we started this game, the mountains Jersey was Green, but since then there was a sponsor change and the jersey is Blue…. but we keep the mountain Jersey Green

The results

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