20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – Stage 6 – Results

Back on the continent after two days in Sicily.

It’s Dèmare again winning ahead of Caleb Ewan and Mark Cavendish

The only difference from yesterday is that Démare has the cyclamin jersey, leader of the points classification. but the win was so tight that he could not raise his arms for his double win

The lead of Quickstep was spectacularly perfect but Dèmare was faster….

Diego Rosa did a long solo run to gain 3 points in the mountains but was catched later on the stage


The stage

the top 5 teams won the stage all together. they all showed the top 5 riders of the day.

Sander Logtenberg’s TOUR DU SAINT TROPEZ, Fred de Witt’s The White Tornadoos, Rene van Noort’s Loeki de Leeuw Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni and Ken Narangoda’s Trisome

therefore no changes in the top 5s today

Then we have a bunch of at least 10 people that had riders 1 to 4 of the day

Now: there are a couple of possible reasons for these points:

  1. You all copied teams from each other
  2. you are becoming cycling experts
  3. i screwed it up and copied the same riders to everybody

Let’s pretend it’s number 2….

The Mountains

Diego Rosa scored 3 points and thanks to these points two teams won the mountain stage:

Andrea Quadrelli’s Dagospia (another rookie winning the stage)

Marco Pogliano’s Pian Del Lupo (a super veteran)

We have two teams that have not yet scored a point in the mountains… come on, try harder:

Mattia Formenti’s Luca Giurato FTW and Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS

The Rookies

Today we have a look at the Rookies:

Manuela Poccianti’s Homer Ka is leading with just 2 points gap on Romagnelli’s Romagnelli-Gazprom

on the other end, we have Michelangelo’s Michelangelo with a black jersey and Chiara Abbatista is just a bunch of points ahead fighting with the Monkey

The results

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