20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – the hall of fame

Now that you have settled after daily mail spamming from the Fantasy Giro D’Italia, it’s time to publish the updated Hall of Fame of the Fantasy Giro D’Italia:

See you in July for Rene’s tour de france

… and see you in may 2023 for the 21st edition of the Fantasy Giro D’Italia

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  • Eternal Glory – this is what the game is all about: the official hall of fame (this link doesn’t do anything…. i know. read 4 lines below….)
  • Some stats – for those who like numbers
  • The teams – a recognition to all teams that took part of the giro
  • Excel – i don’t want to read anything – go directly to excel files
20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – the hall of fame

ETERNAL GLORY (also called The Official Hall of fame)

As you know, you win Eternal Glory for this

The pink jersey

  • 1st Giacomo Salmoiraghi Scott Cycling Team with 1021 points
  • 2nd Jeroen Vandeput Molteni with 1017 points
  • 3rd Rene van Noort Loeki de Leeuw with 1002 points

The Mountain Jersey

  • 1st JR Weinberg Twin Palms with 533 points
  • 2nd – ex-equo for DanieleCaf & Rita Visonà Ultimi in classifica & Barcollo ma non mollo with 459 points

Other Classifications

  • Best Rookie Manuela Poccianti’s Homer Ka 8th in General classification
  • Black Jersey for Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS with 157 points (and 1 stage victories)
  • Most Stage victories JR Weinberg’s Twin Palms with 6 stage (hire some sprinters next year)
  • RECRUITER’s CUP (first edition) to Pantaleo Di Lorenzo’s GINO D’ ITALIA with 6 teams

Beat the monkey

This year the we introduced the “monkey” a complete random team. most of the teams performed better in the GC except for 4:

  • Mattia Formenti Luca Giurato FTW
  • Alessandro Mariani VanPoppeDaPaura
  • Michelangelo Michelangelo
  • Beatrice Andreola MIGROS

The new championship BEAT THE MONKEY – the first team ahead of the monkey was won by Chiara Abbattista’s AbbaTeam who beat the monkey by 88 points

In the mountains the monkey performed better that 25 teams… and that’s a lot

Luca Monducci’s Rivoluzione d’ottobre beat the monkey by 1 point in the mountain classification

Some stats

  • 59 teams (plus the monkey) have taken part of the Giro outbursting the previous record of 49 (2019)
  • 19 Rookies – new generations growing
  • 20 different teams won a stage (some won multiple teams)
  • The best possible team would have scored 1249 points. the winner scored 1021. That is what we call suboptimal choice
  • Gap between first and second team is only 4 points (with the winner flipping the game on the last stage)
  • 18 teams scored at least 1 point in every single stage
  • 1 team scored points on only 12 stages (MIchelangelo’s Michelangelo) and surprisingly this was not the black Jersey
  • The black Jersey (Beatrice Andreola’s Migros) won 1 stage and surprisingly this was the black Jersey
  • 18 teams won a stage in the mountains
  • 1 team (only) ended the giro with all 15 riders Alessandro Mariani’s VanPoppeDaPaura
  • 1 team ended with only 7 riders – but he was 3rd overall Rene van Noort’s Loeki de Leeuw
  • 10 teams scored at least 1 point with every rider

The 59 + 1 Teams

  • First Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team. Welcome Giacomo to the elite club of fantasy giro winners. Giacomo won the Giro without winning any stage. Just like Franco Balma Mion, Paolo Savoldelli and Alberto Contador
  • Second was Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni. Fighting for first for most of the Giro he surrendered only on the last stage
  • Third place for Rene van Noort’s Loeki de Leeuw– after falling off the podium on stage 20 he was able to turn back to third once again
  • 4th (and first of the tri-gliceridi team) PizzoccheroMan’s Pizzoccheromania – You know the rules: you win a race and win the right to pay a beer (and pizzoccheri) to the rest of the team
  • 5th for Fred de Witt’s The White Tornadoos – part of the dutch campaign in this giro, just like Bilbao, made it to top 5
  • 6th for Daniele Pontiggia’s Rutti di Bosco, another giro winner that made another top 10
  • 7th Remko Kampert’s De Derailleurkes. you must change gear for next year
  • 8th and first of the rookies Manuela Poccianti Homer Ka – well done
  • 9th another tri-gliceridi: Stefano Mandressi’s Cobra Libre, you outsprinted your brother
  • 10th for Sander Logtenberg’s TOUR DU SAINT TROPEZ first at a certain stage of the giro he was first but then shifted down – you should change Saint to a more mountainous saint like Moritz… the guy is in the mountains, not at sea
  • 11th Augusto Sansoni’s Chianti Cycling Team 2022 – Thanks for sharing some wine with us
  • 12th ex-equo for Alessandro Roggiani’s RENZ Pro Team and Loris Favarato’s Cavallo goloso. we like couples…
  • 14th Antonio Fusi’s Stella Rossa Firenze Ciclisti Proletari – we miss your team that was scoring 100 points one day and zero the following day
  • 15th pantaleo di Lorenzo’s GINO D’ ITALIA – He studied one year (not enough) but won the recruiters cup
  • 16th Romagnelli Romagnelli-Gazprom – this team was made in couple…. we should half the points
  • 17th Luca Canziani’s Il Ciclista per caso was recruited a day from start and won the first stage
  • 18th Luca Monducci’s Rivoluzione d’ottobre – he was the only one to bet on Contador in 2007’s tour. you need another surprise guy
  • 19th Claudio Ceni Come C’enno – I still remember the giro grand start in our warehouse in Barberino back in 2007
  • 20th Andrea Munisso GALLOBELLOTTI – what should we say here: Forza Toro – scroll down to Lorenzo Lampiano for another supporter of Torino
  • 21th Ken Narangoda Trisome – this year was not a good one for you
  • 22nd another ex-equo Marco Nesi’s Terapia Tapioca Team (this team couples my old team name Pantani in Binda Astana per tre eh? Coppi) – and JR Weinberg’s Twin Palms winner of 6 stages
  • 24th Marco Facciano’s Understated champagne pink – hey, that’s me….
  • 25th Marco Leoni’s Lions’ Wheels – if anybody wants a used Audi A4, call Marco
  • 26th il pirata’s Team Z – from Romagna
  • 27th claudio Mandressi’s Team Pedalemolle – your brother outsprinted you
  • 28th Riccardo Belardi’s RichieTeam – another rookie… don’t give up
  • 29th Big Tomato’s Big Tomatos – Squeeze up
  • 30th Luca Henning’s El Pistolero – sometimes somewhere on the road….we will ride with you
  • 31st Ciro’s Staje senza penzier – Great start with one stage win…. then you disappeared
  • 32nd Mattia Zoccarato’s Salamini Beretta – you chose the name, now bring salamini
  • 33rd Luca Giannella’s AMARO DI LIVIGNO TEAM – Hey where are your superpowers?
  • 34th Nasly Nissen’s Ta Ta Ta Taaa ……. Rodania – Ta ta ta taaa … too busy on the phone?
  • 35th Edward Caley’s Flat Tyre – generally a multiple stage winter, this year not so brilliant
  • 36th Alessia Poletti’s Senza Freni – well you must have pulled your brakes
  • 37th DanieleCaf’s Ultimi in classifica and Rita Visonà’s barcollo ma non mollo – your teams are exactly the same. The secret services are working on this
  • 39th Luca Effigiati’s EFFI – another man recruited on the last day. Some experience needed here
  • 40th Antonio Salmoiraghi’s Spritz Team – look at what your son achieved this year
  • 41st Alessio Ciardi’s Atletico Lasonil – winner of the last stage, we want you back on top
  • 42nd Handrey Correa’s SUMAPAZ – the only team that was not invited to this game but found us on the internet (thank you Google)
  • 43rd Andrea Quadrelli’s Dagospia – Cycling is not the same as running
  • 44th Ritroso & Binotto’s Proc Team – another team made by a tandem that will be halved. Next year we want 2 teams here
  • 45th Marco Pogliano’s Pian Del Lupo – you must restart lobbying for a giro stage in Santa Elisabetta
  • 46th Lorenzo Lampiano’s Thanks Maneskin, Eurovision in Turin – some song title every year. You have a football: go up to GalloBellotti
  • 47th Alberto Donvito’s Going Global – fist time in cycling for Alberto. hope you enjoyed.
  • 48th Michele Bellon’s TRATTORIA IL CURVONE 3 – you went for black jersey but won a mountain stage
  • 49th Prince of Salina’s Ocelot – The Ocelot, the prince of Salina… Everything must change for everything to remain the same – well referenced
  • 50th Alberto Torriani’s aVanvera – please abandon your ebike and return to muscolar
  • 51st Andrea Quercioli’s Quercia is Back – an oak and a rock
  • 52nd Alessandro Cividini’s DelayTeam – a potential new rider for Tri-Gliceridi team. You don’t know it yet but you will be there
  • 53rd Monica Gussago’s Dixi – what did you say? Veni, vidi, vici was the correct quote. try it next year: you came to the giro, you saw how it works, now it’s time to win
  • 54th Angela Granoli’s Giro GirANdo – you made it, you won a stage
  • 55th Chiara Abbattista’s AbbaTeam – chosen by the monkey, you were able to escape
  • 56th The Monkey’s The Pink Monkey – a complete random team, outsprinted only 4 teams. did everybody else really think of a team
  • 57th Mattia Formenti’s Luca Giurato FTW – well just a step behind the monkey.
  • 58th Alessandro Mariani’s VanPoppeDaPaura – one of the oldest teams in competition was not competitive this year
  • 59th Michelangelo’s Michelangelo – you painted a team but finished colors pretty early – the last 4 stages you scored 0 points
  • 60th Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS – the black jersey – but with the luxury of a stage win

The Results

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