20th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2022 – Stage 20/21 and final results

The turnaround – Il Ribaltone

The final two stages of the giro flipped the classification and we are here to document what happened:

Stage 20

After more than 3000 kms CARAPAZ had only 3 seconds lead on HINDLEY and slightly more than 1 minute on LANDA. NIBALI was 4th but too far to attack the podium

Land put all his team in for the Pordoi (btw, I have this on the list of mountains I have climbed….) and HINDLEY send his teammate KÄMNA in the breakway.

On the final Climb to the Marmolada, CARAPAZ had his team attack to break the Giro and all but HINDLEY were left behind.

Then HINDLEY found KÄMNA, a final effort from KÄMNA and at 2,7 kms to go CARAPAZ broke. He lost more than 1 minute and a half in 2,7 km. KÄMNA even joked on CARAPAZ passing him and slowing him down.

The stage was won by Alessandro COVI with Doman NOVEK in second and Giulio CICCONE in third

HINDLEY in Pink with a good advantage

Stage 21

HINDLEY in Pink like two years ago.

In 2019 he lost the Giro in the final GC but this year he could bring his jersey home

The stage was won by Matteo SOBRERO with Thymen ARENSMAN and Mathieu VAN DER POEL in third

VAN DER POEL can be happy for his giro. 1 stage win, a few days in pink and good placings across two week

Final classification

Jay HINDLEY has worn the pink jersey for two days in his career and was never able to ride it in the middle of the group, but just in individual time trials

He flipped the giro in the second last stage and won the 105th edition of the Giro

Richard CARAPAZ was willing to celebrate his birthday yesterday but had to settle for second

Mikel LANDA tried for another time the conquer of a great tour but was only able to be third

Vincenzo NIBALI had some trouble in keeping his fourth position but managed to get his 16th top 10 (11 top 3 and 6 victoris)

Fifth was Pello BILBAO always starting as a soigneur but in the end has always something to show



As in the real giro, a complete fliparound of the Giro

Stage 20

Manuela Poccianti’s Homer Ka wins the stage and climbs to 6th overall – Another Rookie wins a stage

Pizzoccheroman’s Pizzoccheromania climbs to 5th

Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team climbs to 3rd pushing Rene van Noort’s Loeki de Leeuw out of the podium

The classification is really short. Top 6 teams in 47 points; top 10 teams in 63 points

The game is still open

Stage 21

A Time trial – Stage for specialists and the specialists show up:

Alessio Ciardi’s Atletico Lasonil is back winning a stage after having won the giro a few years ago. He is still competitive although getting older and older

The top position still in the hands of Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni followd by Fred de Witt’s The White Tornadoos

Rene van Noort’s Loeki de Leeuw back on the podium stealing the 3rd position to Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team.

PizzoccheroMan Pizzoccheromania slides down from 5th to 8th and is passed by Manuela Poccianti’s Homer Ka, Sander Logtenberg’s TOUR DU SAINT TROPEZ and remko kampert’s De Derailleurkes

The GC is even closer than yesterday with the top 10 teams in 68 points

Stage 22 – The Bonus stage

Jr Weinberg’s Twin Palms wins his 6th stage this year and can add his name to the hall of fame book again

The final classification

The complete fliparound

First Giacomo Salmoiraghi’s Scott Cycling Team jumps from 3rd to first.

Second was Jeroen Vandeput’s Molteni.

Third place for Rene van Noort’s Loeki de Leeuw– after falling off the podium on stage 20 he was able to turn back to third once again

Black jersey for Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS

The mountains

the last mountains of the giro did not change the classification

Stage 21

Manuela Poccianti’s Homer Ka makes the record of this year with 164 points (thats a lot)

Stage 22

A Victory for three:

michele bellon TRATTORIA IL CURVONE 3, Alessio Ciardi Atletico Lasonil and Beatrice Andreola’s MIGROS

Final classification

JR Weinberg’s Twin Palms won the mountain classification

Second (and third) in tandem: DanieleCaf’s Ultimi in classifica and Rita Visonà’s barcollo ma non mollo

The Results

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