21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 12 – Results

The breakaway goes and reaches Rivoli just before the mountain stage (the only of week 2).

DENZ Nico wins on SKUJIŅŠ Toms and BERWICK Sebastian

the breakaway was big and the riders were spread all over the place with the big group arriving at more that 3 minutes

21th Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2023 – Stage 12 – Results

Fantagiro contest

The MONKEY wins the stage with a mirable 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed. This is the first time that the Monkey wins a stage.

This shakes the Battle for the Black Jersey where The Monkey overtakes Beatrice Andreola’s BEAT THE MONKEY who has one very clear objective.

The Black Jersey is one of our challenges and Beatrice seems to have this on hand…. but the Monkey is there

Almost all the other teams scores 0 points, with a few notable exceptions:

  • The Monkey The Pink Monkey – 61 points
  • Vincenzo Capuana CAP 90013 – 25 points- well done Vincenzo, as a rookie you made a second pace in a stage, now aim for a first
  • Beatrice Andreola beat the monkey – 20 points – continue chasing the monkey
  • Alessia Poletti Floppy’s team – 13 points – family feud part 1
  • Daniele Poletti Dany – 13 points – family feud part 2
  • Michela Cazzaniga Cazzateam – 9 points – You got it
  • Rita Visonà barcollo ma non mollo – 7 points – just one step ahead of the monkey
  • Andrea Mauro Bubu Milano – 4 points – Welcome Andrea
  • PizzoccheroMan PizzoccheroMan – 4 points – There you are, the mountains are coming, but not in the pizzocchero area
  • Ritroso & Binotto Biggus Dickus – 4 points – That’s Big
  • Andrea Quercioli Quercia is Back – 3 point – An old oak
  • Giorgio Polito Bike Brothes – 2 points – Do we have a Brother here ?
  • Andrea Quadrelli Togo – 1 points – a mountain goat
  • Andrea Munisso FORZATORO – 1 points – What should I add: Granata forever

Just a few points ahead of the Monkey is Rita Visonà’s Barcollo ma non mollo – can you bring the “beat the monkey” challenge home?


The Monkey wins also the mountain stage climbing up from last position to 34th

The classification is frozen since 3 stages with Ken Narangoda and JR Weinberg coupled at 111 points.

Tomorrow is the first (shortened) mountain stage, maybe something will happen


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