Giro D’Italia 2018 – Stage 04

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The Giro

Tim Wellens take stage number 4 grabbing 4 seconds an climbing to position 4 in the GC (must be his favourite number

Michael Woods second and Enrico Battaglin Third.
Froome looses 17 seconds to Dumoulin


In our contest,

Stage victory to Edward Caley’s “Chris Froome is Innocent” –  with 83 points Vs Claudio Ceni’s “Como C’enno” at 82

Claudio Take the lead over Annalies Crab.

Daniele Pontiggia’s “AS TRONZO” who yesterday won the stage had a bounce back in GC and is now 9th


On the backend, we have a complete revolution.

Alessandro Mariani’s “VanpoIT2018” (we preferred old team name “VanPoppeDaPaura” is taking the black Jersey out of Lorenzo Lampiano’s Sholders (lorenzo climbs 3 steps)



No changes:

Marco Pogliano’s “Segre Bike 2018” is the only team to have scored 1 point in 4 stages….





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