Giro D’Italia – Stage 03

Viviani takes second in a row and

Daniele Pontiggia’s “AS TRONZO” wins stage number 3 thanks to a combination for this year.

Daniele shows all top five riders of the stage (Viviani, Modolo, Bennett, Maresko and Van Poppel + Chaves 15th)


The stage has gone through the desert and our rookie Mario Bisicchia’s “Gazzo Riders” seems to be very comfortable in the desert. As a matter of fact all his riders seem to have disappeared for the second day in a row.

However he is not last and the last position was for our former “rookie of the year” Lorenzo Lampiano’s “Se la pioggia fosse transitiva, io ti temporalo” (I let Lorenzo translate this in the comments). Lorenzo is at his second appearance and seems to be going for a second achievement “The Black Jersey”

Today is rest day, if I have time i will send some stats.

giro 2018 classification AFTER STAGE 3


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