18th fantaGiro – stage 1 – Any Color You Like

Welcome back to the 18th edition of the Fantasy Giro D’Italia – 2020 edition

As usual stage 1 takes some time to publish as the system (something I programmed 18 years ago) needs to be re-parameterized and all teams need to be uploaded. I am looking for an assistant to manage this game, anyone who wants to apply, please look at our Careers page (you will be payd with eternal glory, as usual)

Stage 1

When you win the world championship you are entitled of a rainbow jersey. The individual time trial has few occasion to be show.

Filippo Ganna, takes the multicolor seriously. He has studied his jersey for a week now and realized that there is no PINK in his world champ jersey, therefore powers his way to win the first stage of this year’s giro and deserves the first Pink of the year.


Second comes ALMEIDA João, third BJERG Mikkel and fourth THOMAS Geraint

Thomas is digging a minute on all other GC competitor, will he hold this to Milano

Miguel Angel Lopez is not a friend of Time trials and falls heavily to retirement on stage 1.

The Fantasy Giro

37 teams this year, unless I missed some, this usually happens. As mentioned above, I need an assistant.

Stage 1 was easy to predict. We know you all went to your preferred betting agency to search for quotes for stage 1…. remember that the stages are 21

Two Rookies (Einypw’s Team Pie and Handrey Correa’s ALTIPLANO TEAM H), two veterans (Augusto Sansoni’s Chianti Cycling Team 2020, remko kampert’s de Derailleurkes) and one legend (Rene van Noort’s CARPE DIEM II) won the stage with 59 points each. They all had Ganna, Almeida and Thomas.

Everybody else follows with a bunch of teams with 39 or 14 points.

The Black Jersey steadily in the hands of Luca Barachini’s Pink Floyd Cycle with 0 points


You can find your results in this file:

The file has lots of tabs and stats

If you are a lazy reader, you can check the below table

1EinypwTeam Pie59
Augusto SansoniChianti Cycling Team 202059
Handrey CorreaALTIPLANO TEAM H59
Rene van NoortCARPE DIEM II59
remko kampertde Derailleurkes59
6Marco AlgieriI corridori della Domenica55
7DepiccoliSan Biagio cycling team43
8Ken NarangodaTrisome40
Giacomo SalmoiraghiScott Cycling Team40
10Alessandro RoggianiRENZ Pro Team39
Mattia CalzolariBuo Team39
Daniele BossiTutto Cuore39
Andrea MunissoDESFAI39
davide guariscoPro Secco Cycling Team39
Loris FavaratoHide&Jack39
Stefano MandressiSucchiaruota39
Alessio CiardiAtletico Lasonil39
Matteo CanaliPizzoccheromania39
20Edward CaleyCovid Cowboys34
Lorenzo LampianoTeam name not found34
22Marco PoglianoPian Del Lupo25
23Claudio CeniCome C’enno18
24Andrea QuercioliQuercia is Back17
25Luca GiannellaICNUSA VIRUS14
il pirataSalumi VISMAra14
Luca HenningEl Pistolero14
Marco FaccianoFat Bottomed Girls14
Antonio SalmoiraghiSpritz Team14
Fred de WittThe White Tornadoes14
Rita VisonàLa bellezza salverà il mondo14
Jeroen VandeputMolteni14
Luca MonducciRivoluzione d’ottobre14
claudio MandressiPedalemolle Team14
35Luca BarachiniPink Floyd Cycle0

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